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How can cooking together help bring my family closer

My children and I cook together. It has grown from an occasional event over the years to something more routine and planned. It has been an essential lifeline for us all since the coronavirus pandemic struck us all just a few weeks ago.

My parents were not keen on cooking, but my younger siblings were awed by steak au poivre. This would become their favorite dish. When it was time to allow the sauce to go on fire it was their turn to enter the kitchen and while at the safety of an sarma recept kulinarika extinguisher for the fire, look at the flames. They also would clap at the sound and smell of smoke alarms.

I asked them to assist me in cooking at times. You could ask them to assist you in cooking by peeling and cooking vegetables or flipping pancakes.

As a creature of social media, I would also often post photos and videos of my creations — including the obligatory slo-mo flambe — which eventually gave me the idea to combine the activities and give birth to “Daddy and Holly and Liam’s Cooking Show,” a friends-and-family-only Facebook endeavor that we’d put out once every month or two. This format gave structure to these seemingly unrelated lessons and made it more interesting for kids to cook.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, cooking with others is more essential than ever. Adults are aware that people are always searching for ways to spend their time during periods of lockdown. Children can find disruptions in their routines to be extremely stressful. Although Zoom classroom is an option, it is not enough.

We also need to address the possibility of a pandemic affecting the adult brain.

The coronavirus can be slowed through cooking together. It’s not a requirement to separate from one another like binge watching Netflix or Disney Plus. We discuss the food, I come up with endless father jokes, and I am able to startle the kids by pretending to be cutting myself. It’s clean, fun and good.

Cooking is a fantastic method of teaching coronavirus related lessons. Handwashing is a fundamental part of daily kitchen activities. Today, we create a an alarming sound every time somebody touches our face. After that, we go to the bathroom for 20 second antiviral scrubs.

It’s not necessary to make each dish an impressive display of culinary skill. Tonight, I will be making tacos with mixed ingredients (gasp! There are still some tricks and tricks that I can apply to create tacos using mixes this evening.

I would like to say that cooking with kids reduces my workload. They take a little longer to finish their tasks as I do, and often the final product is less polished. There are also extra cleanups.

The extra time spent together could be an asset in a world which is trying to stay clear of one by practicing social distancing.

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